Bloated, irritated & Not loving it

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Finally I’m starting to feel like myself again after a couple of years of mistreating myself and my body from overeating, too much wine, bread, pasta and not enough movement of my body. I’ve got one of those weird skinny fat body types - I have long lanky limbs and a fast metabolism but if my body is inflamed I can easily carry fat. Personally I’m happy when I’m a size 10 and when I go to a clothing store to try on garments and feel good in most of them.

I love women in all shapes and sizes, know where you’re happy and stick to that - whether that be a size 6 or 16 and above. If you’re not feeling sexy, beautiful and like yourself, start looking at ways where you can claim back your inner goddess. I’ll keep sharing recipes and different things I’m doing to see these results - it’s not about gloating about it, if I can even inspire one woman onto better health then that’s enough. My mindset has completely shifted since I’ve removed inflammatory food, drinks and also lifestyle from my life. I’ve replaced processed carbs for smoothies, wine for herbal tea and hitting the pub with a walk in nature and I’ve never felt better! There’s nothing better than feeling good in your own skin.

Love Belle x 

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