Soul Sunday's

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Sunday’s seem to feel like the best day for me to tune in. I’ve gotten to the point where I can even drown out the kids noise and get some meditation done. Your meditation may not always look like sitting cross legged, with a cup of cacao in hand and a journal and pen. It works for me, doesn’t always mean it will for you, find it and do that. Something I loved reading today from my Kuan Yin set by Alana Fairchild was ‘It can take great courage to trust your own inner light, to ascend the throne of your own inner spiritual authority, especially if the light of others around you seems more powerful than your own. You are being asked to trust this inner guidance above all others now. Have faith in your own heart, know that you are divine’ This resonated deeply, while we can learn so much from the people around us and be inspired by the people we look up to, it is within that your highest power lies. When we tap into this is when we can be on our way to our highest potential. Trust your inner knowing, ask what you really want and who you really are - the answer is within always

Love Belle x 

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