Hi there, I’m Belle, owner and operator of Belle Therapies located in the beautiful Margaret River Region of Western Australia. It truly is the most magical place & I am so blessed to call it home.


My passion for beauty therapy and holistic well being goes way, way back to when I was a little girl, I loved pampering my friends & my mum. As an adult and a qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist, nothing makes me happier than seeing other women happy, relaxed and making a commitment to themselves for more self love and nurture. 


I have been in the industry for almost 10 years now and can honestly say I still love what I do. My ethics around beauty products are of importance to me where I only bring in natural, Australian made products. 


I like to think of Beauty with a holistic approach. Your skin is the largest organ and it needs much more than just topically applying products and covering it up with makeup. There are many aspects of beauty therapy that will give you the best results. That will start with what you are putting in your body - your diet, mental well being and sleep patterns all affect your outward appearance and when we are nourishing our bodies with good food and movement as well as applying natural products that won't disrupt your hormones - this is when you will have the best results. Natural, organic and local products is what I'm passionate about as well as womens health and spiritual well being which I am more than happy to chat more about at your appointment.  

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